About Me

Dr. Tavallaee

Dr. Mahbod Tavallaee is an IT Security consultant in the Technology Services group at Accuvant. He possesses over 7 years of experience in Networking and IT Security. During the past 5 years, Mahbod has been heavily involved in the design, implementation and deployment of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions. He started his collaboration with Q1Labs Company as a researcher in September 2007. He then joined Deloitte in August 2010 to serve as the Global Q1 Labs’ Lead Specialist and ArcSight Subject Matter Expert. Mahbod started his collaboration with Accuvant in February 2012 as an IT Security Consultant to assist organizations in the implementation and deployment of SIEM Solutions.

Dr. Tavallaee is the coauthor of the book “Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Concepts and Techniques” which is published by Springer and has been available on Amazon since October 2009 (ISBN: 978-0-387-88770-8).

The book “Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Concepts and Techniques” provides detailed and concise information on different types of attacks, theoretical foundation of attack detection approaches, implementation, data collection, evaluation, and intrusion response. Additionally, it provides an overview of some of the commercially/publicly available intrusion detection and response systems.